• Comprehensive

    This audit template is divided into 20 sections with 215 checkpoints. 218 pages total.

  • Multi-Purpose

    You can use this document as a self-guided training course for new employees. See Rand video below for how Moz is using it.

  • Self-Guided

    You are given step-by-step instructions for each check with 100+ explainer graphics and links to videos (already all queued up).

  • Supplemented

    Included is a Google Spreadsheet you can use to track the progress of site changes.

How Moz is using it

Rand Fishkin, founder of Moz, shares how they're using this fully illustrated template as a training manual internally.


Disclaimer: Rand Fishkin generously offered this video endorsement for free without any compensation whatsoever.

This template is for you if you're ...

A consultant wanting to expand your offerings

An in-house marketer on a shoestring budget

A manager who needs to train new marketers

A newbie looking to bolster your resume

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  • Todd Malicoat, Marketing Consultant and SEO Faculty with Market Motive
    Annie Cushing has single handedly created the documents that every Internet marketing consultant craves. If you’re an in-house marketing professional, at an agency, or working solo, this audit document is so comprehensive that you will have your developers tasked with prioritized projects for years to come!
    Todd Malicoat, Marketing Consultant and SEO Faculty with Market Motive
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What format does this document come in?

A fully formatted Word doc you can convert to PDF when you're finished.

Do you include background information in the template?

Yes, I found I kept writing the same things over and over. So I wrote boilerplate text for each of the 18 sections and many individual checks.

How easy is it to navigate such a long document?

Very easy. There's a dynamically generated table of contents in the beginning, with links to each section. Plus, I show you how to create links to other sections of the document for easy referencing. All of these links remain active when you convert to PDF.

Does this document get updated?

Annually (unless there's a really big update that's causing mayhem *cough* Google *cough*)

Do you tell me what tools to use for the different checks?

Yes, I include a list of recommended tools in the beginning of the audit and will recommend free tools whenever one is available. I'm a bit of a marketing tools aficionado. 

What do you mean by "explainer graphics"?

There are more than 100 images contained in the document, with most of these being graphics that contain step-by-step instructions. Sometimes these images are static and sometimes they are animated gifs. You can view screenshots in the video.


  • Alan Bleiweiss, Forensic SEO Consultant
    A serious gap has existed, until now, between people who have a good foundation in SEO and the need to properly evaluate priority tasking for maximum results in that work, then present recommendations in a structured and easy to follow documented way. Until now. Annie Cushing has bridged that gap. Her 199-page self-guided audit checklist solves that problem. With it, people who don’t have experience performing audits the way Annie or I do can follow her step-by-step template approach for many situations that require the need for this type of service, at a fraction of the cost.
    Alan Bleiweiss, Forensic SEO Consultant

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