• Comprehensive

    This audit template is divided into eight sections with 61 checkpoints. 205 pages in all.

  • Multi-Purpose

    You can use this document as a self-guided training course in Google Analytics for new employees.

  • Supplemented

    Included is a Google Spreadsheet you can use to track the progress of GA changes.

  • Regularly Updated

    This audit template will be regularly updated as changes are made to Google Analytics.

  • Self-Guided

    You are given extremely detailed, step-by-step instructions for each check with 84 screenshots.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

    Although comprehensive, it's airy and formatted following design best practices.

This template is for you if you're ...

An employee/consultant responsible for any marketing campaigns 

A marketer wanting to learn competitive Google Analytics skills

A developer seeking to learn the technical side of analytics

A student looking to add web analytics to your resume


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  • Justin Cutroni, Analytics Evangelist at Google
    Annie has done a great job documenting and organizing every possible Google Analytics setting and feature. Her guide does a great job walking you through how to identify configuration issues, how to communicate those issues with clients, and how to fix them
    Justin Cutroni, Analytics Evangelist at Google
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Frequently Asked Questions

What format does this document come in?

A fully formatted Word doc you can convert to PDF when you're finished.

Do you include instructions in the template?

Yes, I include extremely detailed instructions with explainer graphics detailing the steps you need to check and fix issues in Google Analytics.

How easy is it to navigate such a long document?

Very easy. There's a dynamically generated table of contents in the beginning, with links to each section. Plus, I show you how to create links to other sections of the document for easy referencing. All of these links remain active when you convert to PDF.

Does this document get updated?

Annually (unless there's a really big update that's mangling innocent data ?)

What versions of GA does the audit support?

Each check includes instructions for both Universal (analytics.js) and Classic (ga.js). Some alternative solutions are also included (e.g., Google Tag Manager).

What do you mean by "explainer graphics"?

There are 80+ screenshots contained in the document, many of which contain step-by-step instructions, thus explaining the steps you need to take. (I also throw in a few silly memes to break up the monotony and, well, because I can. :)


  • Adrian Vender, Owner Efusion Marketing
    It's very common for people to get lost when auditing an Analytics implementation, given all the potential issues that may come up. Annie's template provides an excellent balance of process and education so that Analytics issues are easily understood and resolved.
    Adrian Vender, Owner Efusion Marketing

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